Тапи для террарии 1.3 0.8 - дракула трейлер 2017 торрент

The Terraria Application Programming Interface (tAPI) is a third party modding tool for Terraria that allows its users to add their own content to Terraria 1.2 and. 30 дек 2015 tAPI — загрузчик модов для Террарии версии tAPI так и не был обновлён до версии 1.3 и, скорее всего, никогда не будет. The best Terraria mods It was added in the most recent 1.3 update. That tAPI which isn't even a mod so much as a front-end through which mods are made and loaded got N Terraria does for sure, since it's recently updated for TModLoader - загрузчик модов для Террарии

Feb 24, 2017 . tModLoader is a framework for creating and loading Terraria mods. Works with Terraria 1.3.1.tModLoader does work with GOG.com


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